Bob & Sons History

55 Years of Commitment

In 1964, Robert Poirier and Aime Brunelle bought the service station located at 321 Kelley Street in Manchester from Joe Lajeunesse & Al Descoteaux. Bob & Aime’s Texaco thrived on loyal customers who had come to expect good service at a fair price. Friendly, competent service was their trademark and every refueling included a complete going over.

In 1969, Brunelle sold his interest to Poirier. Bob, enjoying automobiles and people, always felt there was a future in the business at this location. Bob’s Texaco then established itself as one of the few neighborhood service stations in the area. At Bob’s Texaco, the business grew, with the station operating seven-day per week. “We worked long hours in those days- ’til 9:00 PM in the evening and Saturday and Sundays,” Bob recalls. Bob’s Texaco survived through the closing and rebuilding of the Kelley Falls bridge into Goffstown, the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s, the advent of large self-service gasoline-car washes, and a couple of near-death accidents and sicknesses. Through it all, dedicated employees and customers kept Bob’s Texaco viable and growing.

In 1981, Bob purchased the land and building from Texaco, and, by 1983, all three of his sons were participating in the trade. Bob was now ready for the next generation to place its mark on the business. Later, Bob’s nephew, Marc Provencher joined the staff, eventually becoming a service advisor. In the spring of 1986, a new service bay was built at the rear of the station, with more changes in 1988. New environmental rules dictated that the station’s gasoline storage tanks needed replacement because of their age. Bob’s Texaco was the only neighborhood service station left, so the decision was made to make the upgrades so gasoline would continue to be available to customers. New tanks, plumbing, dispensers and a canopy were installed, and from those changes emerged the new company name, Bob & Sons Automotive. The moniker reflected family history and values and a renewed commitment to our community.  Through training and technology, the staff has broadened services provided and with a new logo and website, they look eagerly to the challenges and opportunities in the automotive field. They remain confident that the character, ingenuity and hard work of the past will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. With loyal customers, committed employees, and top-quality service, Bob & Sons Automotive is poised to make good on our promise of, “Quality Service Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…” Ron Poirier, October 22, 2013

321 Kelley St. Circa 1927 (Look Familiar?)

Our staff of trained employees understands how difficult it is to find quality, reliable auto and truck repair. Personal service, as well as caring and courteous people, make the Bob & Sons difference. Go to the Meet Our Staff to learn more about us.

Founder, Robert Poirier. 2014.


321 Kelley Street
Manchester, NH 03102