Digital Vehicle Inspection

Digital Vehicle Inspection by Bob & Sons Automotive

At Bob & Sons Automotive we are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide great value to our customers. When we discovered a technology called Digital Vehicle Inspections via Samsung tablets, we knew we had found a fantastic service for our customers.

Since 2013, we have performed a Digital Vehicle Inspection on each and every vehicle that comes through our bay doors. In our reports, we document anything and everything we find from worn windshield wiper blades to blown shock absorbers and worn-out rear brake pads. With this great piece of technology, we are able to text and/or email our reports to our customers.

The best part is our customers can see exactly what our team of technicians is seeing. This helps our customers understand what we have found, what we are recommending, and to what degree of urgency the service is needed.

Our customers have come to expect a certain level of forward-thinking – tech-savviness. We appreciate our customers and are always looking for better ways to serve their automotive needs.

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