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Shuttle Service

Have an appointment but not a ride to where you need to go? At Bob & Sons Automotive we offer a free shuttle service the Manchester area whether your destination is home, work or the store we have you covered.

Pickup/Drop Off

At Bob & Sons Automotive we know how hectic the calendar can get, and that’s why we offer a Pickup/Drop Off Service to our customers. Simply schedule an appointment with Bob & Sons Automotive over the phone or on our website, mention you would like to utilize the Pickup/Drop Off Service, and we will confirm the appointment day, time and pickup/drop off location and that’s it. We also conveniently offer After Hours Pickup / Drop Off services with a secure lock box where we’ll text you personalized instructions to get your vehicle keys even if we’re not open.

Loaner Vehicles

For customer convenience we have multiple loaner vehicles that can be reserved by customers for specific diagnostic or in depth automotive maintenance and repair work. At Bob & Sons Automotive, we know convenience is key for our customers and this is just one more way we are making it easier than ever to use Bob & Sons Automotive for all of your automotive needs. See below for our Loaner Vehicle FAQ’s & Policies/Procedures.

Loaner Vehicle FAQ’s & Policies/Procedures

Who is authorized to drive the Loaner Vehicle?

Only you, specifically listed on your insurance policy and with a valid drivers license

Is there a charge for the Loaner Vehicle?

There is a $5.00 pre-authorization hold against the credit card you provide. The hold will be released within 24 hours after return. * You may be charged in the future depending on the circumstance for other items including but not limited to tolls, parking tickets, tow fees, damages, Insurance Company deductibles, summonses of any kind, etc.

Who is responsible if the vehicle is in an accident?

You are. The party at fault is indifferent in most cases. Your insurance is primary, a claim will be made against your policy and you will be responsible for any deductible that you may carry on your policy. Damage also includes tires, wheels, and windshields. It is imperative that when signing the contract, that you review the vehicle an employee of Bob & Sons Automotive before leaving and note any existing damage. You MUST sign the contract agreeing to the condition of the vehicle before you leave the premises and we will email it or text it to you for your records. This is the ONLY document that will safeguard your responsibilities to us. No employee of Bob & Sons Automotive can waive these responsibilities.

What happens if I get a summons?

You are responsible for all tolls, summons, violations, fees, taxes, impound charges, booting fees, admin fees (etc.). If you have an EZ-Pass with you, you’re able to use it with our Loaner Vehicles but do not add any Bob & Sons Automotive’s plate information to your account. Once Bob & Sons Automotive receives the summons or invoices, we will charge your card on file. If it is declined your loaner car privileges will be suspended and we may seek collections and or small claims court.

Can I smoke or transport animals in the car?

There is no smoking/vaping or animals/pets allowed in the Loaner Vehicle’s at any time. An immediate cleaning fee of $300.00 will be charged for any Loaner Vehicle that returns with these issues. It is important you verify the condition of the Loaner Vehicle BEFORE taking the vehicle.

When do I return the Loaner Vehicle?

You are to return the Loaner Vehicle the same day you are informed your vehicle is ready for pickup (we are open Monday through Friday 7am-4pm). A $65.00 per day late charge will be billed to your credit card on file if the vehicle is not returned promptly. You are responsible for making sure that your loaner is checked in and returned without having any damage noted. Remember to please remove all personal belongings from the loaner vehicle as Bob & Sons Automotive is not responsible for your items left in the vehicle.

Can the loaner vehicle be tracked via GPS?

Yes, we reserve the right to actively electronically track the location of our vehicles. We also reserve the right to “reacquire” it at any time for failure to return without informing you, and any fees associated with that will also be your responsibility.

Can I reserve a specific Loaner Vehicle?

Bob & Sons Automotive is unable to hold a particular type of vehicle due to our fleet size and rotation.

What should I do if I get into an accident?

After all safety is addressed, contact the police department to file an accident report and contact Bob & Sons Automotive at 603.623.9295 to inform us of the accident. Please gather as much information as possible such as photos of the Loaner Vehicle and scene and contact information and insurance company and policy number if there is another party involved.

Can I used the vehicle as a Ride-Share or Grocery/Food Delivery Services (Lyft, Uber, DoorDash, Instacart, etc.)?

No and any personal liability claims for any injured parties will be your responsibility. Please review your personal insurance policy for coverage concerns.


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