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Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics


Does your vehicle need a diagnosis?

Sometimes we go to get into our vehicle and the dreaded “Check Engine Light” comes on, or when you start your journey, your vehicle has decided to make a noise you’ve never heard of before. So, what do you do? Some may be tempted to scan the vehicle with a computer diagnostics tool but we’re here to say STOP! Free diagnoses may end up costing more if they lead to inaccurate solutions!

Our ASE Certified Automotive Technicians will diagnose your vehicle and provide you with the details and photos behind the issue in clear and understandable explanations. Similar to a medical diagnosis, our Automotive Technicians must identify the root cause behind a malfunction – not just surface symptoms. Much like working with your doctor – this process requires time, collaboration and advanced diagnostic equipment. Our Automotive Technicians have years of schooling, training and attend several classes each year to maintain their ASE Certifications and stay up-to-date on the advancements of servicing and maintaining vehicles.

When we all take a look at the evolution of vehicles, we realize that vehicles are mobile computer powerhouses. Engine control, safety systems, infotainment, navigation and sometimes autonomous driving can use 4TB of data DAILY – that is equal to 800,000 high resolution photos! With all this said, Bob & Sons Automotive’s ASE Automotive Technicians are equipped to handle ever-evolving technologies.

Bob & Sons Automotive has the training, tools and experience to provide an accurate diagnostic and prevent unnecessary repairs and future visits. We always prefer to test and assess issues thoroughly rather which allows us to provide you a more accurate depiction of your vehicle’s issue and solution to your problem! We charge a diagnostic fee because of the time, testing and experience our Automotive Technicians to provide accurate solutions.

In addition to Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics, we offer:
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