Why our mechanics recommend pre-buy inspections…

Pre-buyWhen people buy a house – it’s considered an investment. You do the necessary legwork up front such as home inspections and appraisals to understand the longevity the home has, and to take comfort knowing the home is safe. This approach can easily be translated to the automotive world. Too often, consumers make a big investment in vehicles without doing the proper research. Private sales through things such as social media sites and roadside signs, or through used car dealerships can’t necessarily be trusted. Unless you have a skilled eye for finding problems on cars or automotive repair training – then you may have no idea what you’re buying.

We want you and your loved ones to feel safe and confident in your used car purchase – even if you don’t purchase your vehicle from us (Even though we have great vehicles for sale). We offer a pre-buy inspection for those who want peace of mind. We encourage those buying a secondhand vehicle (without a reputable dealer warranty), to have a pre-buy inspection and second opinion before investing your money into a vehicle. This approach allows you to make an informed decision on going forward with purchasing the car, or provide with the tools to make the decision if you want to make the investment.

During our pre-buy inspection, we check all the same items that would be checked for a New Hampshire state inspection and beyond. We also check the exterior for scratches, dents, rust, and possible signs of previous accidents. On the interior, we review lights, radio, GPS/navigation, mirror operation, heated/cooled seat mechanics, power seat mechanics, seat belt safety, HVAC system, cabin air filters, and run diagnostics. We test drive the vehicle looking for shaking, grinding, alignment or steering issues, wheel bearing noises and beyond. Under the hood, our mechanics ensure to check all fluids for condition and quality. Lastly, under the vehicle we double check for rust in rockers, body, frame, brake lines, fuel tank and/or straps. This includes a full inspection on tires, steering, suspension, exhaust, and brake parts.
An educated decision whether to buy a vehicle gives you control over your investment. If you have questions or would like to schedule a pre-buy inspection – call us at (603) 623-9295 or schedule an appointment.


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