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We offer a complete vehicle pre-purchase program you can utilize to help in your used-car-buying decision-making. With a pre-purchase inspection you can compare different cars, obtain knowledge about a cars maintenance history and have a tool to assist you in negotiating a fair price for that vehicle. We offer 3 different pre-buy programs to fit your budget and needs: The BASIC, the SILVER and the GOLD hi-tech program. These programs include the following services:


  • Thorough road test under varied driving conditions (in town)
  • Perform NH Safety inspection procedures and sticker if needed
  • Inspect under-hood items including: all fluid conditions & levels, hoses & belts, radiator, air filter and other under-hood items
  • Check suspension, steering, brakes, exhaust, tires & alignment
  • Body panels and floor panels for rust or damage
  • Paint & exterior condition
  • All lighting and accessory operation
  • Windshield, glass & wipers
  • Spare tire & jack assembly
  • Manufacturer’s recommended service by mileage


  • Includes all of the BASIC inspections and the following:
  • Test drive on highway and examine cruise control and other accessories
  • Scan tool diagnosis of Engine, Transmission & Body systems as applicable
  • Analysis of scan tool codes and likely repair with estimate
  • Thorough road test w/ scan tool to analyze data & interpret results
  • Completed checklist with results indicated


  • Includes all the services included in BASIC & SILVER and the following:
  • Thorough analysis of air conditioning system using gauges & other test equipment
  • Computerized engine test with data analysis and print out
  • Spark plug removal, inspection and cylinder compression test
  • Timing belt inspection

Each of these services provides a prospective owner with the information they want and need to make an informed buying decision. Stop by or call for a free price quote for this or any of the services we provide.

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